Tools for Dialogue


【Keyword】fire, symbolism

【efficacy, capacity】a powerful common space, centripetal force

【subject of joint ownership】warmth and coldness, light, danger, food, skills of operation, chat and silence

Soft ice cream

【Keyword】food, symbol characteristic

【efficacy, capacity】fast melting, the “live” feeling of being pressed not put it down, enjoyable through-out the year, infectious capacity, removal of hierarchy

【object of joint ownership】subtle joy, feeling of contentment

Camper “The Pegasus”

【Keyword】movement, lodging, automobile

【efficacy, capacity】joining local regions, joining bases, pulling people apart from home and region,physical impact

【subject of joint ownership】personal relationships, transit time, the joy of camping out

Street stand

【Keyword】 movement , man power, cost efficiency, self-build,

【efficacy, capacity】relatively easy to build and own, transforms the town into a living-room,people are visible

【subject of joint ownership】easy chitchat, place with spiritual boundary, memories shared between


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