©Toshie Kusamoto, Taiwakobo
©Toshie Kusamoto, Taiwakobo

Taiwakobo has a purpose to regain the lost "Places and Opportunities for Dialogue and Expression" to people affected by the disastrous damages from the Great Earthquake in 2011, the 10 members( artists, architects and editors) gathered in Onagawa from all over the country after the earthquake. It is based on the personal relationship between two members of Taiwakobo who are affected by the earthquake; Hirohiko Oka (cafe owner, surfer, originally has lived in Onagawa is damaged by tsunami) and Kiich Kaiko (architect, lives in Natori). Their communication began before the 311 earthquake.

This Catastrophe of the earthquake revealed some hidden structures and distortions of society. At the same time, it made us realize what is the possible to happen and the importance of daily dialogues among nature and people.


By making, thinking and experiencing together with people, it supports communities to reconsider their hometown and recreate their places and restart to their new daily lives. Each member brings lessons back to his/her hometown, because it is one of purposes to use the experience for each life while keeping a sense of ownership.

The main activity is providing psychological cares to people through narrative arts, and nurturing mutual understanding between the affected areas and other areas, and planning workshops or seminars, and transmission of information and recording people's activities. The importance point is to create partnership with people without a

invisible border that separate the victims from our society through abstract prejudice.


It keeps maintain and spreading relationship for people and future.

"Tochable face and future"    ©Road Idumiyama, Taiwakobo

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